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Timberwolf Launches New Compact Chipper

The entry level Timberwolf has always been a huge seller. For some its their first chipper; for some who only use them occasionally, or for lighter jobs, its a vital piece of their armoury. For others, its all they can tow on a normal license. Whatever the reason for buying, these entry level compact chippers have always been hugely popular, hugely capable machines.

Small size, big appetite.

It uses the largest commercial V-twin that Honda produces and has a cutaway funnel top so you can get more in. It will chew up almost anything thats thrown at it. But the real difference with this latest generation is in the detail.

The same, only better.

There are a few tell-tale signs on the outside but the inside is where youll find the biggest changes. It now uses the same innovative blade access as the larger TW 230 and 280 models; the same heavy-duty steel feed-control paddles which are mounted on both sides of the infeed tray; and even the same ultra-tough M16 fixings attaching the new double edged blades to the larger and heavier rotor.

Affordable and agile.

For start-up arborists the TW 160PH is easy on the pocket, is lighter to tow  impacting less on your ability to transport woodchips or logs on your truck, but crucially it gets through the demands and rigours of your daily work schedule in double quick time.

Its small enough to get in, big enough to cope, tough enough to keep up and simple enough to service as you go.

In short, its the perfect machine for arborists, young drivers, garden maintenance, and all kinds of waste from thorny hedge prunings to waste brash. Its versatility makes it the ideal choice for plant and tool hire companies, too. Their wide range of customers will come back again and again.

There are only two things missing from the TW160PH; weight and cost. Find out more about the latest wolf in the pack- TW 160PH

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