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Campey Provides Aeration to The Island Golf Club

Aeration ranks very highly at The Island Golf Clubs links course in Donabate, CO. Dublin Ireland, with the Air 2G2 Air Injects primary qualities making it an essential part of the greens renovation programme.

Links superintendent, Dave Edmundson, knows  like all turf professionals  the benefit of soil aeration. He considers himself fortunate that his links course is based on free draining links sand, with low organic matter.

His maintenance programme follows the disturbance theory method, originally set out by Bechelet, Beggs and Windows of the STRI, and is a series of articles that he would recommend to any young aspiring turf managers.

The Air 2G2s part on this aeration plan comes in twice a year on the links putting surfaces, with the minimal disruption offered by the process, a massive plus for Dave, as he explains.

Back in winter 2012, shortly after taking over my current position, I was looking at alternatives to the current disruptive aeration techniques on our putting surfaces, he said.

Even after using small diameter tines, I felt that the greens were left a little bumpy and recovery from the operation was very slow.

I like the idea of minimal disruption to the greens but with decompaction effects, similar if not better that what is being achieved by the current operation.

Using the Air 2G2 improves soil conditions through decompaction, and leaves no surface disruption following the process. Play can continue with no detrimental effects to ball roll following a quick turf iron, which I feel is fantastic.

The Air2G2 is a self-propelled hydrostatic drive three probe air injection machine, injecting compressed air to a depth of 6, 7, 9 or 12 (depending upon probe fitting). This causes a fracturing effect of the compacted root zone, with no surface disruption. Air is injected vertically and horizontally over an area of 9ft (2.75m) to 12 (30cms) deep.

Dave opts for the standard 7 probes because his experience of the machine has shown the operation offers good vertical fissuring in conjunction with horizontal fissuring  so he doesnt require the added depth.

The decision to incorporate the machine into the greens aeration programme came after using it on a trial, after recommendations from other greenkeepers and a discussion with Campey UK and Ireland Sales manager Ian Campbell, and product specialist Brian OShaughnessy.

The results of the machine have been described by Dave as extremely positive, and he openly implores other turf professionals who are considering using it on their site to do so.

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